Who is God? (Children and Youth Lesson 1)

This Lesson will help us learn more about God

Hello Friends;

The story in the Lesson does not start as our usual story begins, which is “once upon a time” as many stories do, but with the words that belongs to this story alone. “In the Beginning”, God created heaven and earth. 

Are you ready to learn something very big and fun? The whole Bible gives us a big picture of what God is like. God wants us to know the big picture about him. He loves you and everyone he has created very much. He wants you to spend time with him every day.

Are you ready to start? Everyday you can learn more of God’s big picture

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Bible Class for children.

Lesson 1

Topic: Who is God?

Bible Passage: “The Fool says in his heart, there is no God”. Psalm 53:1.

Have you ever wondered who God is?

Some people think that God is an old man who lives in the clouds, or up in the sky watching everyone and when we do something wrong, He causes bad thing to happen to us.

Some people think that the sun and stars are gods because they give us light. Other people make their own gods with objects and worship them. Some people also think or say “there is no God”. 

The Bible, God’s Word; tells us that the one true God is a Spirit. He doesn’t have a body like you and me. That’s why we can’t see Him, but He sees and hears and loves. God is everywhere. God is the Creator.

He made the world and everything in it, the mountains. Oceans and animals. God also made you and me. We are His most special creation, and He Loves us very much.

We all need God, (Adult/ Children). All people have something inside telling them there is a God. This lesson will help you learn more about God. You will learn how great and wonderful God is.

You will learn how to love him even though you cannot see him. Are you ready for the exciting exploration or adventure of getting to know God?

Write down on your note book who you think God is.




Dear God, thank you for being a great God, thank you for creating me, help me to learn more about you so that I will love you. In Jesus Christ name. Amen.


  1. Does God have a body that you can see with your eyes?
  2. Does God see, hears and loves us?
  3. Who made the Mountains, Oceans, Human Beings and  Animals?

Memory Verse:

Genesis 1:1. In the beginning God Created the heavens and the earth.

Facts we need to know.

  • Jesus means – “The Lord is Salvation”
  • Christ Means – "The Anointed one".

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