How Powerful is God? (Children and Youth Lesson 4)

Lesson 3

Topic: How Powerful is God?      (Children and Youth Lesson 4)

Bible Passage: The Lord is great in power. (Nahum 1:3).

Omni-potence – is the quality of having unlimited power and potential

The Bible says, “The Lord is great in power. (Nahum 1:3). He made the heavens and Earth. God spoke and it was there! He is almighty. He rules over all nations. God’s power has no limits. He can make anything happen.

The Bible talks about Abraham and Sarah. God Promised them that they would have many Children. But no children were born.

One day, God sent an Angel to Abraham when he and Sarah were almost 100 years old.

The angel told him that the following year Sarah would have a son. That was impossible! Then Sarah laughed, because she thought it was impossible for her to have a Son in her old age. (Genesis 18:12-13).

 At the time of this Story, Sarah was 90years old and her husband Abraham was 100 years old. (Genesis 17:16-17).

The angel said, is anything too hard for the Lord? Genesis 18:14).  Sure enough, Sarah had a son, Because God is all powerful, He could make this impossible thing happen. The next time you have a problem, remember that God is very powerful and wants to help you.

Can you write some ways that God is powerful?

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Let’s Pray.

Dear God, you are the mighty God, help me to trust you when I have a problem that seems impossible. Help me to remember that you are ruler over all. In Jesus Christ name. Amen.


  1. Who among the following is Omnipotent? (a)Sarah (b)Abraham (c)God  (d) Children (e)Genesis.
  2. Why did Sarah Laugh when the Angel said she would have a Child?
  3. When next you have a problem, what should you remember?

Memory Verse:

“For, with God Nothing shall be Impossible”. Luke 1:37.

Fact to Know.

Hosanna means – Save now

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