Topic: The Existence of God.  (Youth Lesson 1-Part 2)

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Topic: The Existence of God.     (Youth Lesson 1-Part 2)

Text: Genesis 1:3-31.

Memory Verse: Psalm 14:1.

Introduction: When you look around you as a Child, you realize that your Parents gave birth to you, also; gave birth to your brothers and sisters. This makes us to ask who gave birth to the World we live in or Who created the World we live in? The Answer is God.

Then we ask: “How are we sure that God Almighty created the World?” The Answer to this question lies in: 1)Nature(what we see around us) and 2) The Bible(God’s Word).


1. The Clock-Like Accuracy of Nature.

The Night time follows the Daytime, the Rainy Season comes after the Dry Season in Africa. And in Europe; Autumn and Winter follows Spring and Summer. Have you ever wondered how come this Seasons follow each other accurately, every year, without any break? And the appearance of this seasons is not controlled by Any Person that you know.

Since the appearance of the times and Seasons is not controlled by any person that we know or see with our eyes, we need to ask ourselves, who then controls the appearance of these times and seasons. 

The Answer lies in the Fact that a Very -Powerful Intelligent Being; who we do not see, is behind the accurate appearance of daytime, nighttime, the sun, moon, stars, and the different seasons of the Year. That powerful intelligent being who created and control’s the times and seasons is called God Almighty.  

2.. Every Tribe  believes in The Existence of a Supreme Being.

All the Tribes in the World long before you were born believe in the existence of a Supreme Being who is not seen with human eyes and who cannot be touched with human hands. This Supreme Being is called by different names in different languages and different countries.

In China, his Name was: “Shang Ti”. In Korea he was called: “Hananim” meaning: “THE GREAT ONE’’. In English Language, we call this Supreme Being: “God or God Almighty”.

A world-wide belief about the existence of God must be True.

3. The Orderliness of Nature.

Have you ever seen a PussyCat give birth to a Monkey or a  Dog give birth to a Pig  or An Apple Tree give birth to a Mango Tree? Am sure, you haven’t. Why?

The reason is because a Very Intelligent and Powerful Being who we do not see and cannot touch with our hands created all the Living things in the World in an orderly manner,  in such a Way that every living thing from Humans to Animals to Plants produce exactly after their kind. That explains  why Mummy gave birth to you (Mummy did not give birth to a Cow or a Dog), a Mother Cow gave birth to a babycow, an Apple Tree produces Apple  Fruit and not Mango Fruit. This powerful intelligent being is called God..

Also, have you noticed that a Dog does not have wings to fly like a bird and it does not have fins to swim in water like a Fish? Why? The reason is because God created the Dog to move on Land only. God did not create the Dog to fly like a Bird or swim like a Fish.

God created the World in a Neat and Orderly Manner-the same way you arrange your school uniform separately from your house clothes,  Or; the same Way you separate your books from your Sister’s books.

4.  For the Atheist who says: “There is No God”.

There are some people who say: “There’s No God” because they do not see God or cannot touch him. Such people only believe in the existence of what they can see or touch. The English  Dictionary describes  a person who des not believe in the existence of God as an:

“ Atheist”.

Can you see your brain or intestine? Of Course, you can not. So, how do you know you have a brain or intestine? You know you have a brain because you can think even though you cannot see or touch your own brain. Similarly, you know that you have an intestine because the food you eat is broken down into useful pieces we call nutrients in your intestine.

It will therefore be foolish for the atheist to say: “There is No God”, simply because he cannot see or touch God. Yes; we cannot see or touch God, but we can see the handwork of God in the beauty, accuracy and orderliness of Nature.

Some people pretend that there is no God because they do not want to God to ask them how they lived their lives here on earth.  Such people are  like the blind man who does not believe that the Sun exists;  even though he feels the impact of the sun when it  produces Heat.


The Bible tells us from the very first verse that God exists by saying: “In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth”. Genesis 1:1.

The things that God created such as the Sky above us, the Ground below us that produces the food and fruits which we eat, the water from the Rivers which we drink, the different types of plants, animals, fishes and birds all reminds us of the fact that God exists. And None of these things were created by Daddy, Mummy, Daddy’s friends, Mummy’s friends or your School Teachers. That is why the Bible Says: “ The heavens declare the Glory of God and the Firmament shows his Handywork” Psalm 19:1

God’s Word, the Bible; counts it as foolishness for us to say there is no God.  “The Fool hath said in his heart, there is no God”Psalm 14: 1. Any honest person with intelligence will agree  that there is an Almighty God somewhere because we can see what he has created, all around us.

In Matthew 19:4-6, Jesus talked about the beginning of time and the creation of Adam and Eve, which means Jesus believed what the Bible says that God created the first man in the World called, Adam; and the first woman in the world, called Eve.


He that cometh to God must believe that he exist.. Heb. 11:6.

Let us come to God believing strongly that he exists, based on what Nature and the Bible reveals about him. We should come closer to God with respect and worship. James 4:8.

Foot Note: All Quotations are from King James Version of the Bible.


  1. Mention Two ways that Nature reveals to you  the existence of God.
  2.  Mention Two Scriptures that proves to you that God exists.
  3. What  does God’s Word tell you about  the Person who says There is No God?
  4. Why are some people  afraid to admit that God exists?
  5. Jesus believes in the Bible Account of the Creation of Adam and Eve. True or False?

         By Revd. Fabian Edemeko Udoh. (Copyright)





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