The Character of God.   (Part 2)  (Youth Lesson 11).

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Topic: The Character of God.   (Part 2)  (Youth Lesson 11).

Text: Isiah 44:6

Memory Verse: Isiah 44:6


Character is the Way a Person behaves. From the Way a Person has behaved in the Past, the Person’s Character helps us to predict correctly how the same person will behave in future; under similar situations.

For Example;

God is Holy, Faithful, Merciful, Just and Loving.

8God is Holy.

To be Holy means to be Perfectly Pure, Spotlessly Clean  and without any Stain.

Thou art of Purer Eyes Than to behold Iniquity” Habakuk 1:13.

There is None Holy as the Lord: for there is None beside thee.” 1st Samuel 2:2:

God hates Sin but loves the Sinner- in the same way that your Parents hate the fact that you told a Lie but they still Love You.

The Holiness of God demands that Sin is punished. Your earthly Father will not be a good Father if he does not punish you if  you steal. The Punishment that a Holy God would have put on you, he put it on his Son because you are not strong enough to carry God’s punishment. That’s why Jesus Christ was killed on the Cross of Calvary for your Sins and Mine.

Question:  How can a Sinful Person approach a Holy God?

Answer: The only way a sinful you can approach or draw closer to this holy God is through the blood of his only Son, Jesus Christ; which was shed on the Cross. “But Now in Christ Jesus, ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ”. Ephesians 2:13.

Question:  Have you sinned against God(Told a Lie, Fought with Someone, Took someone’s property, Answered Rudely, Watched Pornography, Jealousy,  etc)? Answer Yes or No.

If  You Answered  YES To The Last Question:  Are you truly Sorry for what you did or said wrongly and would you want God to forgive you, as though you’ve not sinned?

 If  You Answered  YES To The Last Question:  Then bow your head and pray this simple prayer with all Seriousness:

“Oh God, I am a Sinner. Forgive me my Sins( Mention the Sins that you remember). Wash Away My Sins with the Blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the Cross at Calvary. Lord Jesus, come into my Heart. Write my Name in the Book of Life. Give me the power to Live for you All the Days of My Life, until I see your face in Heaven. Thank you FatherGod;  for I am Now Born-Again in Jesus Name. Amen.

IF you prayed the prayer in the last paragraph, then you are a Child of God. “As many as received him, to them gave he power to become the Children of God . . .” John 1:12

Now you are like a Spiritual Baby and you need to grow Spiritually. For you to grow Spiritually, you need to: 1) To  Pray Daily: Talk to God in Prayer 2)Read your Bible Daily-at least 20 verses daily, beginning from the Gospel according to John. Even if you do not understand all that you read, it should not stop you from continuous reading of your Bible. Someday in Future, you will understand those part of the Bible that you don’t understand. Its like when you eat Fish, you eat the Fleshy part(the easy understandable part) and put the bone aside for Later. You don’t stop eating the Fleshy part of the Fish because of the bones). 3)Attend Church Regularly 4)Tell your Friends and Neighbours about Jesus. Invite them to give their lIves to Jesus like you just did through the prayer you prayed above. If your Friends or Neighbours ask you questions about Jesus or about your Bible that you are unable to Answer, tell them to come and see your Pastor.

9) God is Faithful.

When you say a Person is Faithful, it means a Person is Reliable and can be Trusted. God is Faithful and will keep his promises in the Bible.

Know therefore that the Lord thy God, He is God, the Faithful God” Deuteronomy 7:9.


In the Days of Slave Trade in the United States of America, an African 15-year Old girl was being auctioned by a White Slave Merchant from the Deck of a Ship. The Slave Girl muttered a Word of Prayer: “Lord Jesus, If  you were in trouble and needed help, you know that I will help you. Jesus, I need your help. I don’t want to be a Slave. Help me in Jesus Name”.

A white Boy of about 12-years Old who  was watching the selling of the Slaves from a Short Distance told his Father: “Daddy, can you dash me some Money?” His Father gave him some Coins. The Boy went up the Ship and bought the Slave-girl.

As Soon as they(the White Boy and Slave Girl) Left the Ship, the Boy turned to the Girl and said: “I give you back your freedom”.

Question: Was God Faithful or Not?

10). God is Merciful.

There are different Levels of God’s Mercy. There is the General Mercy: “He maketh his Sun to shine on good people and bad people, and sendeth rain on the good and the wicked”. Matthew 5:45.

There is Special Mercy: “He that trusteth in the Lord, Mercy Shall Compass him About”. Psalm 32:10.

11)God is Just.

God’s Character makes him to do what is right and correct at all times.

“ . . A God of Truth and without Iniquity, just and right is he”.  Deuteronomy 32:4.

The Judgements of the Lord are True and Righteous Altogether”. Psalm 19:9.The Just God will give deliver righteous judgment to every person.

12God is Love.

The God Kind of Love is a Situation where you want something good to happen to somebody else, or;  you make something good happen to another person.

God Loves you. That’s why he gave Jesus Christ to die on the Cross at Calvary in order to help you escape his Anger and Punishment. John 3:16.

The Love of God will Not make Everybody to go to Heaven. Those that will go to Heaven when they Die are only those whose Sins are washed by the Blood of Jesu and that accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Personal Saviour.

A Person who is Thirsty but refuses to go to the Tap to collect drinking water will continue to feel Thirsty. A Sinner who refuses to be washed by the blood of Jesus will remain a Sinner or Spiritually-Dirty in the Eyes of God. Any Spiritually-Dirty Person or Unforgiven Sinner will not enter Heaven.

If you Sin, Don’t Run Away From God. Run to Him. “

He that cometh to Me, I shall in No wise cast out”. John 6:37.

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool”.Isiah 1:18.


Let us Worship the True Just, Holy and Loving God.

Foot Note: All Quotations are from King James Version of the Bible.


  1. What do you understand by: “God is Just”?
  2. Mention Five Characteristics of God.
  3. Explain the word: “Holy”.
  4. Does the Love of God mean Everybody will Enter Heaven? Give a Reason for your Answer.
  5. If you Sin Against God, What Should you Do?

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