How To Live in Divine Health.  (Part 1) (Adult Lesson 14).


Topic: How To Live in Divine Health.  (Part 1) (Adult Lesson 14)

Text: 3rd John 1:2, Matthew 8:17.

Memory Verse: 1st Peter 2:24.


"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth" - 3 John 1:2.

Divine healing and divine health are part of  what Jesus paid for us on the Cross. He paid for both our sins and sicknesses. As a Result, we donot need to carry them. : 1st Peter 2:24.Isiah 53: 5-6.

Existence in perfect health is the perfect will of God for His children. However, people fall into ill health for many reasons:

A). Some Reasons Why People Fall Sick.OverEating  of a Particular Food or Drink.

1).For instance, a person who takes too much sugar should not blame any devil if he becomes diabetic later in life. Taking excess sugar, fats, and other junk foods can affect your health negatively.

2). Immoral Lifestyle.

Habits like smoking, drinking of alcohol and immoral conducts can make a person vulnerable to sickness and diseases. This kind of lifestyle can also make people to be susceptible to diseases like liver sclerosis, cancer of the lungs, HIV/AIDS etc. And it can take a person to hell at the end of their journey on earth.

3). Demonic Attacks.

A person’s health can also come under serious attack by satanic forces. The person in this case may not do anything to deserve the attack; they may just happen to be victims of the enemy’s confrontation.

4). Dirty and Unhygienic Environment.

Sicknesses such as Typhoid Fever, is contacted mainly through drinking untreated water.Cholera is contacted through eating contaminated Food. Worms in The Stomach. Diarrhea could be caused by Dirty Finger Nails, dirty drinking water and Flies.

5). Wear and Tear of The Body.

Sicknesses that affects people through Wear and Tear of The Body includes Rheumatism, Heart Attacks, Stroke, Cataract, etc.

Moderate Exercises Thrice a Weekcan Reduce Wear and Tear of The Body.

Bodily Exercise Profiteth Little.1st Timothy 4: 8.

6).Sicknesses caused By Lack of Something The Body Needs.

Sicknesses such as Anaemia, Pellagra, Goiter, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Night Blindness Falls are under this Category.

7).Some People are born with some Health Challenges.

Examples include Cross- Eyed, Albinoism, Harelip, Huncback, Stammering, etc.

8) Ignoring to Take Vaccinations as at When Due.

Example: Polio, Hepatitis, etc.

9). Infectious Diseases.

These include Tuberculosis, Measles, Chicken pox,Mumps, Warts, Covid 19, Ebola, etc.

10) External Parasites or External Attacks.

Sickness that fall under this Category include: Malaria from Mosquitoes, Yellow Fever caused by infected mosquitoes, Tsetse Fly causes Sleeping Sickness Sickness/Trypanosomiasis , Snakebites are caused by Snakes, Rabies from Dog bites, Lassa Fever caused by Rats, Bird Flu by birds, etc.


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